Animal Psi

23 Aug 11 - CD
Bewitched Concert CD $12
"The second step we took was the album Bewitched Concert by international quintet Thomas Buckner (USA), Edyta Fil (Poland), Ilia Belorukov, Alexey Lapin (both Russia) and Juho Laitinen (Finland). This is a record of a concert that took place at the Experimental Sound Gallery on November 6th, 2009. Spontaneously arising cast nothing negotiating played music rather reminiscent of academic music with some adds of free improvisation elements and acoustic drone. It may feel strange but everything that played and sung on this album is very natural for instruments and voice despite cello solo in Epilogue (performed with extravagant technique of string over-pressing which reminds Pierre Henris classical Variations for a Door and a Sigh) and Buckners shaman roaring. It makes a deceptive impression that this music can be easily notated by conventional way and if having a great desir even can be performed according to that notation. Perhaps, only Deep Listening founded by Buckners compatriot (and probably a friend) Pauline Oliveros, sounds comparatively similar Ilia Belorukov describes the concert atmosphere as academicnd quite calm though, the performance form reminds the first movement of Witold Lutosławsk Second symphony Hsitant when you listen to it you can trace that it invisibly involves you into a vortex of very fast music in which all sound events like granules in the computer music - merge in one unique timbre. Dmitry Ukhov, from CD booklet." HERE

21 Aug 11 - Vinyl
BORGATA BOREDOM - 'Music And Noises From Roma Est' LP
"500 Copies – Black Vinyl. 70 Copies Limited With Extra Silkscreened Sleeve – Hand-numbered. In the last 5 years, something bizarre has happened in the East part of Rome, the dirty and stinking capital of Italy: in “Roma Est” (East Rome) the crumbling and deteriorated neighborhoods which were already immortalized by Pasolini and Neorealist Cinema, have become the refuge for a motley fauna made up by immigrants, wannabe artists, bustling onlookers, and bohemian freaks. In these historical suburban neighborhoods (the so-called “borgata”, “former slums”) such as Pigneto and Tor Pignattara, this scene took its shape from the rotten landscapes and therefore naturally took its rotten equivalent in sound: noise, garage brut, demented lo-fi, fake experimental… and then DIY fanzines, spastic comics, low budget films, strange conceptual projects… Between the half-destroyed shacks and clogged dumpsters, new groups and new projects overlapped and piled up one on top of the other until it became a true family: components/members that pass from one band to another, collaborations and exchanges, self-productions, cassettes and fanzines, etc. Alongside already known names in the European underground like Hiroshima Rocks Around and Trouble Vs Glue, new respected projects are appearing like Trans Upper Egypt, Grip Casino, and The Away Team. Typical “neighborhood characters” like Toni Franz and Wolf Anus, musicians and illustrators, have improvised together with fanzine artists like Massimiliano Bomba and Cheb Samir. Clubs like Fanfulla 101, Dal Verme and Alpacha, have become a kingdom of a noisy, colorful, clattering community. All within six square kilometers. BORGATA BOREDOM is the compilation that attempts to put together all of the different souls of this scene, and also to introduce them to the world outside of the nauseating and reassuring confines of the Roman borgata." HERE

21 Aug 11 - Cassette
Ectoplasm - 'Winter' C58 $5
"A savior from the summer's heat, Winter is full of beats and weird ambience. A perfect tape to bust out with while you are busted out with a big ass blunt or trippin balls. Featuring new remixes by ShavingRonaldsCar and Julia LaDense. Limited to 24 on chrome c58. Mp3 download with purchase."

Penis Culture/TTTRRRAAASSSHHH - 'Make Em Bleed Bitch' C20 $5
"Penis Culture is Thomas of Verinnt and Julia LaDense - utilizing guitars and tripped out mixes and tape manipulation the duo develop three tracks spanning 10 minutes. TTTRRRAAASSSHHH is more circuit bent material from HLO and some weird mixing and sound development - the track titles say it all - TTTRRRAAASSSHHH is like a teenage girl with a short skirt and no underwear - you know she's getting plenty of dick. Limited to 20 on chrome c20 tapes. Mp3 download with purchase."

19 Aug 11 - Cassette
WHOOP-Szo cassette
"... will toss you into accidental chatter. It’s warm, hazy strumming inviting conversation. Yet, this is no shrinking violet. It makes radical declarations with pummeling rock; the feedback hand gestures and swirling synth washes robbing your attention. Look away and it’ll smite you with strange pop projectiles, swaying you back into its bewildering dialogue." HERE

18 Aug 11 - Cassette, Review
Canada’s Michael Toepfer presents his latest self-release as Potier., entitled ‘Einsicht In Die Notwendigkeit’ for his at least momentary interest in the mass-housing of the Plattenbau in the former GDR. “An insight into need”, the C20 is heavy on the cynicism, meeting austere black and white photos of brutalist housing with a snippet of propaganda and two side-long tracks of classic, self-loathing Noise. “Deutsch/Weiss/Heterosexuell/Reproduktionsbereit” (German/ white/ heterosexual/ ready for reproduction) fills the first with two channels of sharp feedback tones, one reverberating in metallic shades and the other sustained like the sharp whisp of a tea kettle, the careening effect disorienting and bluntly terrifying. The natural stutter of this high-energy music makes the whole musical structure groan. This subject is then defended with the assertive “Politisch Unauffaellig/Produktiv Arbeitend” (politically unassuming/efficient), a turgid wall of unbroken, full-spectrum jabber following the pattern of a rapid speech (act), constructed from peeling tones of feedback streaking what few divots remain. 100 copies on pro-press tapes and glossy j-cards. (self-released cassette, $6 HERE)

18 Aug 11 - Cassette
Mo Kolours - 'EP1: Drum Talking' C20
"Some records seem to come out of nowhere. Witness this debut EP by the half-Mauritian percussionist & singer Mo Kolours, which unites an array of more familiar influences with the Sega music of his island roots. The rhythms lead the way here, whether the straight percussive workout of Drum Talking or the crafty vocal manipulation that drives the low-slung bump of Biddies, a song that traces an imaginary line between Theo Parrish and Gonjasufi. Dead of Night mines the symbolism of The Beatles’ outwardly chirpy Blackbird while his own Bakiraq (like Burt, the songwriter) resembles a soul classic pieced together from fragments around the flickering light of a fire. Limited to 170 pro-dubbed cassettes. This is a co-release with One-Handed Music." HERE

16 Aug 11 - Cassette, CDr

GR052: Precious Trombley – ‘Danse Water’ C30 $4(US)/$6(WORLD)
”Solo 4 track recordings from 2009 with an invisible band. Underwater chaos jazz.”

GR169: Lidless Eye – ‘The Silent Delivery’ CDr $6(US)/$8(WORLD)
”4 dense songs of electric siding and tonal insulation, and one extended mix.”

GR172: V/AGentleman’s 10’ C60 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”Collection of my favorite Michigan jammers. Studio tracks and live bootleg recordings. Lots of varied styles. Includes tracks by: Bardzo Paradiso (Daniel Dlugosielski of Body Morph, Mossy Throats), Tarpit, Precious Trombley, PBK, Mall Mutants, David Lincoln, American Composer (Andrew Fenlon), Cold Turkey, Lidless Eye, Jon Browning, Varnum, National Memory Day (Olzone), and Mind War (Knox + AC + Tarpit)”

GR173: Stowaway – ‘Unison’ C30 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”New collaboration between Julia Ladense and Knox Mitchell. Traded and re-traded recordings, mixed down into a slow, thick mass of strings and electronic buzz.”

GR174: Cornea – ‘Shame’ C30 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”Non-existent “psych rock” unit. Lineup is always changing. Various Michigan weirdos you’ve probably encountered before playing drums, guitar, and “bass”.”

GR175: Cujo – ‘Felled’ CDr $4(US)/$6(WORLD)
”Very damaged tape recordings of duo and trio action from the past few months. Weird ideas brought to form with voice and electronics, all live to tape.”

GR176: Mall Mutants – ‘Exquisite Women’ C20 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”Mall Mutants is Ann Arbor rad dude Dustin (Actual Birds, Better Late Than Pregnant, etc.). This is the first Mall Mutants tape not released on his FM DUST label. Some of the raddest electronic vomit out of Michigan these days. Do not miss!”

GR179: Orphanage Rats – ‘Practice & Live Vol. 2’ C20 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”Basement recordings on side A, live from the AM900 fest on side B. Two songs on each side. “a noise band from Genghis Khan times”.”

GR180: Hollow Carving – ‘One’ C30 + Zine $6(US)/$8(WORLD)
”First in a new series of Xerox collages and audio disease. Lots of transistor radio manipulation mastered and spliced carefully with unknown tapes. Recorded on two tape decks. Hi-Fi. Comes with an 18 pg. zine.”

GR182: The Others C20 $5(US)/$7(WORLD)
”Masterful synth meltdown by Jake Johnson (Moltar) and Andrew Kirschner (Cleveland maniac).”

Batch: $45(US)/$55(WORLD)


15 Aug 11 - Cassette
Sashash Ulz/Kot Kot split C50 6€(EU)/8€(World)
“There's definetely something very good going on in the music scene of Republic of Karelia in northwest Russia and this tape is a good proof of that. Sashash Ulz's side is all lo-fi new age music, very simple and so very beautiful. Like a drift that you wish would never end. Kot Kot manages to create something even more simple, even primitive, with what appears to be acoustic instruments and some effects. Simplicity is beauty, and that's what this tape is all about. White tapes with a sticker in fabric envelopes with an insert. Limited to 49 copies.“

Punktieren/Ous Mal/Coaxil split C40 6€(EU)/8€(World)
“The first side of this tape is a collaboration between a Russian duo Punktieren and a Finnish musician Ous Mal. This recording is a result of a show played together in St. Petersburg. Along with keyboards, these guys use somewhat unconventional instruments and sound sources, such as tenori-on, contact mics, iPod touch and Sony PSP to create their drones and glitches. On the other side there's Coaxil, a project form St. Petersburg, Russia, who continue in the same vein making electronic sounds. The atmospheres on the B side may be a bit darker with all the buzzing synthesizers, pulsating drum-machine and eerie vocals. All in all, it's a great split for lovers of experimental electronic sounds. White tapes in cardboard boxes made from recycled paintings. Limited to 50 copies.“

Banana Pill/Timothy C Holehouse split C40 6€(EU)/8€(World)
“Banana Pill from Finland on side A offer the listener two tracks, one being an ambient drone piece with lo-fi sampling and looped wind instruments and the other one being a more melodic dronefolk piece with synth drones, guitar, violin, and of course, tons of looped sounds. Timothy C Holehouse, an Englishman better known as blues musician Tim Holehouse, offers us a 20 minute track comprised of guitar drones and melodies. At times it all gets very quiet, droney and even dark, but next you hear birds singing and guitar playing a simple melody. The tapes come in black carton boxes with an artwork. Limited to 80 copies. Released in cooperation with Dislocation Deity records.”

Wind in Willows/St. Atom HRT605 split C60 6€(EU)/8€(World)
“Another young musician from Karelia named Anton aka Wind in Willows offers us two lengthy tracks of simple guitar melodies and different acoustic instruments, all drenched in reverb and delay. Wind in Willows' ambient folk music sounds misty and sunny at the same time. On the other side of the tape St. Atom HRT605 from Greece continues with a slightly darker atmosphere based around deep synthesizer drones, occasional percussion sounds and samples. The two sides of this tape are sort of like day and night, but it's not that they are different, more like they're the two sides of the same cycle. Orange tapes with stickers in carton boxes with an artwork for each side. All paintings by Helder Coelho Dias. Limited to 50 copies.“


14 Aug 11 - Cassette

fire island, AK – ‘Trench Foot & Mouth’ C28 $5
”Shit-fi electronics. Despair, decay, insecurity. Sexual longing creates physical discomfort. Tape loops, oscillator, mics. Recorded direct-to-tape in Anchorage, Alaska
hand-numbered, limited edition of 38.”

fire island, AK – ‘After Many A Summer Dies The Swan’ C31 $7
”Plans go unrealized as summer ends. Empty hands, empty beds, short nights seem longer. The passage of time on a man's face, death approaches. Even the universe is cooling. Try to hold on to the warmth. Cassette in clear album case, dual-sided artwork, insert. Limited edition of 18 hand-numbered copies.”


13 Aug 11 - Vinyl
Hobo Sonn - 'Wary The Mind' LP
"Wary the Mind is the long awaited second LP by Hobo Sonn following the self-released debut - The Thundering Nature of Reality. Constructed using electronics, effects, piano, sampler, mixer, field recordings, etc., this album presents an audible voyage that meticulously weaves together seemingly random reference points into a cohesive yet perplexing whole. Side one begins with processed feedback shifting amongst the tape hiss/static and muted drones where intermittent signals of disintegrated sound seep in like a new breath and then recede leaving near silence. This sparseness provides the opportunity to contemplate the space between each frequency and brings to focus the sequence of the sounds as they have been assembled. A hypnotic and glistening piece for piano introduces the second side which evolves into an electronic buzz accented by a raga-esque feedback swirl coaxed from the unexpected sound-source. The well placed field recordings, with the chimes, clatter and chattering, bring things to a gently decaying conclusion. The album is pressed in an edition of 330 copies." HERE

13 Aug 11 - Cassette, Review
Designed for his European tour with the like-sounded (and recent split-mates) Nadja, Billy Sprague drops his second long-playing tape as Galena. On it, Sprague follows a similar dark path as recent Locrian using guitar, tape shards, and synthesizer to create desolate scenes and minimal harmony. Against this backdrop is a number of standouts, but quantity, and to be perfectly honest, unlabeled sides means I will not single them out by name. Impressionistically titled ‘Through Veils’, the songs of the C45 arrive as if filtered through various substrates of occultism - perfumes, sooty flames, and rough linens – not to affect the ultimate fidelity of the recording, but to infuse each track with a spirit or stink. Totaling thirteen, there is an impressive diversity among these tracks, cruising by synth sci-fi without committing headlong to the PoMo of Sun Araw and Ferraro, and brushing against the new new age of Arbor and Sacred Phrases without feeling overly self-assured. Overall the tape best fits the dark ambient tag, yet without the realism or aimlessness which has such releases feeling overlong. Think Horseback or Barn Owl with less song to the style, and guitars taken down a peg. Fitting for the genre, themes fit either natural wonderment (“Seasons”, “Valleys”, “Loop”) or more commonly, metaphysical suspense, akin to the cynicism of Prurient (“Dreams May Come”, “When Alone”, “Time Cultivation”). The connotations are vague enough, and the shrouds thick enough, that these inspirational guises may be way off mark, but this is the appeal of deciphering such textual runes against these sonic tiles. On labeled tapes with heavy j-cards. Very recommended. (Sanity Muffin cassette $7 HERE)

12 Aug 11 - Cassette
Ex-Crown - '646 592 3423' C10 $2
"Ex-Crown is the conceptual audio project of Miles Pflanz, who used to be in a dadaist noise troupe called Crown Now when he was a teenager and does video now. On this debut cassette, there are selections of some sounds he encountered when calling as many payphones in Manhattan as he could in an 8 hour period. On the flip, there is a stand-off with automated voice technology that develops into a frustrated opus. Together the pieces create a brief, noir-ish, and lonesome comedy that make for one hell of a business card. Tape shells are spray-painted white and cassettes are sprayed pink to match the label name. Limited to 70 copies." HERE

11 Aug 11 - Cassette
"OUBLIETTE makes his debut on Beartown with a freshly chopped block of good ole fashioned gutter-pop. Spiraling out of control from the word go, STILGAR sees the listener taken on a break-neck, break-brain speed journey through the outer reaches of the noise-composition-o-sphere. Ear-bleed metallic crashes and hyperspeed mumbo-jumno incantations blend and merge, only ceasing to allow echoing washes of FM radio through. Elsewhere, DEEPER is the endlessly expressing brain in a jar turning his hand to passionate psycho sing-along. Somewhere in the distance is music box twinkle of a burning ice cream van, or the last tragic movement by a long forgotten robot orchestra, left to rot and rust on some damned wind swept abyss. 4 tracks over 2 sides of 1 tape. 4 reasons not 2 bother with any 1. Track list - A1 Morning Pool, A2 Stilgar, B1 Deeper, B2 Wet Moss. Edition of 49. With green tapes and monochromatic artwork on textured paper."

"From stints in the A-Band, and Vibracathedral Orchestra, from collaborations with Dylan Nyoukis and Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell aka ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB has been churning it out and gurning it up for decades. The bears stalked and waited, the bears got drunk and sent a polite email, the bears are honoured to release this giddy excursion into pure, toe-tapping mesmo-paranoia. On side A we find head-nodding synth arpeggios, beats turned back on themselves, and eye-lid heavying metronomic drum pounds. Side B is the calm after the calm before the storm, reversed field recordings lazily drag themselves through knee-deep expanses of heaving bass fuzz, and twinkling cycles of sparkling keyboard loops. One for the long drive to the coast, or to be played at the funeral of your favorite clockwork dog. Edition of 49. With blue tapes, cellular artwork and "Deirdre & Ken" on-tape stickers."

"Nathan Nothing compiles a best/worst of NOW WASH YOUR HANDS, drawn from a series of 3 or so self-issued CDR releases. Whether he's combining punishing signal generation with grinding static hiss, or screaming hygiene advice over whirring synth sirens, Nothing enthralls and instructs, laying down the law with regard to post-germ theory cleanliness and the need to exclude the outer from the inner. Commanded to become healthy, the listener is surrounded by abject sickness. An audiophonic assault, and a battle-cry for the spik and span. ALWAYS CLEAN is both disorientating and focusing, scurry away from this tape and scrub until you are clean, you will never, ever be clean again. Edition of 34. With clean white tapes, green stickers and instructions on appropriate usage."


11 Aug 11 - Vinyl, Cassette, CD
"eagerly awaited full-length follow-up to her luscious TALLIN AT DAWN tape, CAB CIXOUS is all you'd want from a Ms Maria love-letter: bizarre fidelities, swooning vox, alien hazes, bedroom fantasias, etc. expect some new vids for the record soonishly!"

"deluxely revamped co-release (with our fave Tokyo screen team, Crooked Tapes) of Blues Control's killer avant-boogie breakthrough. Ryo went all out on this one, silkscreening every possibly surface; this thing looks ridiculously amazing."


10 Aug 11 - Cassette
More electroacoustic feelgood from Sacred Phrases: Grant Evans continues his two-year deluge of cassettes as Nova Scotian Arms. Splitting in two his side of the C38, the brief intro “Balance (1980)” and the nearly side-long “Post” suggest a piece of historical fiction depicting the birth of Coil in the mind of John Balance, an ecstatic “what if?” of technological redress, art school minimalism, and secrecy. This is of course speculation, but if even vaguely correct, the construction feels like a fanside “study” of a thing, which is so idiosyncratic and introspective and convoluted as to be taken on good faith alone. Feel me? The sound taking the shape of vaporous synthesizers refracting white-hot light from pools of weeping patches, the listener lifts off the ground very slightly then is struck through with a beam-like koan to draw the ear to its feet. Maybe the words are just non sequitors that look imposing attached to such a singular sound. Permanent Bedhead on the other hand whittles-out a less symmetrical wall drone, though no less indebted to texture and tone for substance. Two deeper, or fainter signals hem and haw behind a sharp but low-voltage coupling which pits the surface of the track. After some midway convergence, the streams intensify and the figurative sounds begin to take the features of clay bells,

Greece’s Lunar Miasma (Panos Alexiadis) continues to impress with his synthetic visions. Playing little soundtracks to single scenes, these busy-yet-simple melodic phrasings receive just enough ambient color to expose a story of their own, sans visuals. Though at times elongated, as in the droning fingers of “False Memories” I & II, each tone has a discrete image against the sizzling wet of background texture. For this centerpiece pairing, the vibration is intense in activity but thin in need, like an ephedrine high, turning curved air into mere ripples on the surface of this mylar skin. Though the emotions grow progressively more involved as the tracks advance, the experience is the same, mixing equal amounts of dread and futuristic wonder. Only closer “Control” shakes these impressions, as evanescent tones rise like carbonation to disturb the delicate tension at the surface, evoking a bobbing sensation in the listener notably at odds with the concept of control. Cassettes limited to 100 copies, with color labels and j-cards. (Sacred Phrases cassette, $7.5 HERE)

10 Aug 11 - Cassette
Altar Of Flies – 'Let New Life Rise in the Face of Death' C42 $9
"The fourth tape release on Sprachlos Verlag not only introduces a new piece of work by the unrivaled Swedish master of ghoulish analogue electronics, but also presents the first part in a Sprachlos sub series investigating the shadowy aesthetics of the grave and the night. Beneath the rugged elms and the yew-tree’s shade in a desolate Mjölby churchyard, Mattias Gustafsson salutes the lost souls of Svartån, taking you on a chilling night ride to the sound of a beat up tape echo... Fans of the two recent seven inches on Mattias’ own Hästen & Korset label ought to take note as "Let New Life Rise" delves further in the same direction but benefits from the longer playing time in developing the sound and the compositional structure. Although the trademark oscillator, synth and feedback work of Altar of Flies still echoes in the tracks, the tape references classic avantgarde composition as much as it embraces the seedy grit of industrial and noise music. Taking Mattias' tape loop work to new heights it presents a haunting blend of environmental and found sounds that seriously throws out a challenge to the established canon of Swedish concrète. "Let new Life Rise" is as far away from a »basement jam« you’ll come while still listening to music recorded in a basement! Mentality-wise, file this next to your death wishing-loner folk-country tape collection, your Graham Lambkin and IFCO records, or alternatively sandwich it between your Vladimir Ussachevsky radio bootlegs. Add two shovels of (un-) holy soil and you’re home. First edition of 100 copies, full color offset printed covers." HERE

10 Aug 11 - Cassette
GLD012: Hobo Cubes - ‘Center 4 Mentalists’ C30
"Hobo Cubes 'Center 4 Mentalists', a soundtrack to mind change on the Montreal fringe. The song titles perfectly parrallel these unstable sounds. 'Last Minute Mind Swap' is filled with waves of electronic flutters, evoking just that, a brain exchange. 'Next level guidance' weaves fragmented psych into a propulsive kaleidoscopic brilliance. an abstract electronic hit. seems like the kind of center where you're all hooked up to pulsating connects rather then circle therapy or thought release...control or no control? final analysis: 'Center 4 Mentalists' a frontal upload of brain bumpers and hacked emotional realms. 012 Hobo Cubes 'Center 4 Mentalists' c30, pro duplicated on hi-bias chrome cassettes w/ on shell imprinting. Screen/lazer printed double sided J-Card's hand scored and folded. Limited Qty 50." TRY

GLD013: No Mind Meditation - ‘Molecular Clock’ 2xC57
"For 'Molecular Clock' No Mind Meditation embark on a cosmic passage with no map and a goodbye hymn to spring. Illuminating the shadow of transient thought and the shared vision of mortal dreams. This cloud lands somewhere in the field between 'Paramita' and 'Face Skull Spirit'. Tape One: its all flickering lights, ocean swells and the buzzing of dawn. ever expanding codes of serpent ecstatic array of echoing constants. Tape Two: a collection of skull drillers and post-meltdown pileups, dystopian landfills of flickering mechanized parts. The final act becomes a hymn that reluctantly emerges from the maelstrom of escapist drones. Not intent on extended focus, NMM have no wake, they are a static clock. Booklet: The Vision imagines 'Molecular Clock' as a lore filled stream of vibrational dances. a floating land inhabited by protectors and fourth dimensional guides, psychic warriors of the divine. enter a universe of spectral pranksters, multi-cultural mashups, and new gods vibrating in the galaxy line. Fear is useless, hope is precious....The Vision is a bejewelled healer in the sky. 013 No Mind Meditation 'Molecular Clock' 2xc57, home duplicated on hi-bias cassettes w/ hard shell case, screen/lazer printing and color booklet. Limited Qty 50." TRY


9 Aug 11 - Vinyl
Leather - 'Wretch' 7" (FDR-027)
"Philadelphia's Leather are wasting no time in whetting the appetite of their ravenous fanbase by releasing one of the most anticipated punk records of the year. Hot on the heels of their Sterile 7" (Jade Tree), their latest four-songer,Wretch, is a testament to their unpredictability. While both sides start out with pounding, ferocious hardcore clang, the second track on each side marks exciting detours for the band. The A-side's "Idolator" puts singer Alex Agran's vocals front and center while the band careens behind him like the bastard children of Poison Idea and SST-era Soundgarden. The B-side's "Moyamensing Killers," on the other hand, is their current set closer and shortest track to date, topping out at barely over one minute of sharp guitar noise and an infectious vocal chant. After a couple spins of this record, anything you play after will sound as limp as a Big Mac left on the dashboard of a Toyota Tercel." HERE

9 Aug 11 - Cassette, Video

"Stately Thai boogie, swaying and sealed in Bakersfield sun. Righeous Acid is Alex Sarad, unleashing this his first c30 of deeply mantric and contemplative fretboard meditations with a depth of soul that vacillates from bleached temple rhythms to bayou sweat in an instant. Sensitive and glowing from within."

"Hookworms fling themselves headlong into classic 80's/90's psych-rock like they're trying to break something. Hailing from Leeds and cramming themselves giddily within the well established formal properties of the genre, they walk the scorched road behind Loop, Spectrum, and any other titan of two-chord songs who's ever slowly wah-ed a chord until they saw colors. Most excellent burners!"

"A repress of a tour-only cassette from October 2010's trip down under, most of the original batch never made it out of the sunburnt continent. Two programmatic meditations, generated in the same somewhat formal method of gradually blossoming revelation and overlay."

"Los Angeles master of analog video synthesis Miko Reverza spent a late night navigating the fungal canyons of the SUN ARAW/MATTHEWDAVID LIVEPHREAXXX collaboration, and presented this document of his voyage through the A side of the original tape. Truly some of the most beautiful examples of his video feedback work, endlessly folding, endlessly bubbling, revealing the organic, regenerative heart that who-knew lurked in this technology, all washed in gorgeous pastels. This is really special."


8 Aug 11 - Vinyl
ACID BIRDS - 'Acid Birds III' LP £12
"Acid Birds was formed in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY by Andrew Barker (drums & percussion), Jaime Fennelly (harmonium & electronics) and Charles Waters (alto saxophone & bass clarinet). NY-based Barker & Waters are both founding members of Gold Sparkle Band, and Fennelly, who recently relocated to Chicago from the Pacific Northwest, is 1/3 of Peeesseye, and recently embarked on his new solo project Mind Over Mirrors. Their first self-titled LP came out on the Italian label QBICO in 2009. Their second LP, Acid Birds II, on Sagittarius A-Star, and their first cassette, entitled Mock Load, out on Electric Temple were released to coincide with their Midwest / East Coast Winter 2011 tour. This trio work tirelessly on some wide ranging genres of fine musical output; Barker has worked with Gold Sparkle Band, Sirone of the Revolutionary Ensemble, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell's TAZ, Rob Brown, Chris Jonas, Sonny Simmons, Sabir Mateen, Virginia Genta, and many others.He has appeared on several recordings, including Apostolic Polyphony (with Matthew Shipp and Charles Waters) and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra's Mayor of Punkville. In addition to several ongoing projects, Barker has also recently formed a metal band called Hallux. Fennelly is a founding member of Peeesseye, the transatlantic amalgam of minimalist rock, noise, folk, drone, psych, improv, sound poetry, and absurdity that has produced nearly twenty releases. Fennelly recently released his solo LP under the name Mind Over Mirrors on Digitalis Industries to some excellent reviews. Through blending together harmonium, piano and synth drone slabs, hemorrhaging feedback and percussive tape loops, he creates music operating somewhere between a hypnotic ritual, kosmische-inspired minimalism and seriously blurred out american folk music. Releases of his various projects/bandscan be found on labels such as Chocolate Monk, Locust Music, Utech, 8mm, Unframed, Archive, Digitalis Industries, QBICO, Smeraldina-Rima, Misanthropic Agenda and Evolving Ear. Charles Waters is a member of the Gold Sparkle Band, a large collective of musicians that has included Nate Wooley, Sabir Mateen, Matt Lavelle, Hill Greene, and many others.Waters studied clarinet with Eugene Kavadlo of the Charlotte Symphony, and has also worked with William Parker's Little Huey Music Orchestra, Matthew Shipp, and Chris Jonas' Brooklyn Comprovisers Orchestra. 'Red Beak, Yellow Eye' opens up the record with wild drumming, electronic screeches and raging alto sax, building to a rapid waterfall of incredible sounds and then falling back out to minimal electronic pulses and clarinet bursts leading to disintergrating electronics, percussive clatter, and back to full force with Barkers drums and Waters sax fusing together seamlessly with Fennelly's crumbling electronics. 'Rings and Lenses' is a shorter darker piece with Fennelly laying down a bleak electronic landscape with Barker adding sinister cello and Waters monsterous bass clarinet adding a real deep texture to the almost ritualistic piece. 'Acid Birds III' comes to a close with 'Rapture Rupture', an absolutely wild piece of free music, insane electronics, pummeling drums, and sax that at times doesn't even sound like a sax. What Acid Birds do here is completely tear down the walls between rhythm and noise music, creating something entirely new and pushing the genre of jazz and experimental free music to new limits and standards. Mastered by Scott Colburn. Pressed on 140 gram black vinyl in an edition of 500 copies with stunning artwork by Jacob Magraw and Rachell Sumpter."

"A new collaborative project from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and William Trevor Montgomery. Both musicians played together in Tarantel and Moholy-Nagy. Cantu-Ledesma also runs the superb Root Strata label, releasing solo material under his own name (including a recent LP on Type), and also plays in The Alps. Montgomery also releases music under Lazarus, The Drift and Believer. This project was originally conceived and composed as a soundtrack to an unreleased western. The 14 tracks on this record are beautifully delicate, textured, sparse pieces ranging from slow acoustic reflective moments, to fully electric strumming, they capture the feel a western perfectly. It's a shame the film never made it out, because judging by the music it would've been a beautiful spectacle. The project was was recorded by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and William Trevor Montgomery and mixed at studio Lamantia, the record was mastered by Greg Davis. The image on the cover is a still from a Paul Clipson film, whose films have previously featured the music of Jefre, Barn Owl, Tarantel, Gregg Kowalsky and Metal Rouge. Sleeve layout by Jefre. Pressed on 140 gram black virgin vinyl."


8 Aug 11 - Cassette
"Cuarta cinta de Humor Vítreo, esta vez con las grabaciones de dos conciertos. Punkderfonía, sampledelia e improvisación con la historia de la música. Título homenaje a Esplendor Geométrico, portada a color en cartulina blanca y cinta nociva. 70 copias. 1 euro. // Fourth Humor Vítreo cassette, this time including two live shows. Punkderphonics, sampledlia and improvisation with music history. Title honoring Esplendor Geométrico, full color cover printed in cardboard and toxic tape. 70 copies."

"Cassette de Atomizador formato poesía punk concreta. Cuatro temas previamente aparecidos en el cd "Torsión" (Buh Records) y dos grabados en una sesión en Radio Bronka. Electroasfixia vocal, derrapes linguales y microsamples. Portada a todo color impresa en cartulina y cinta tóxica. 70 copias. Atomizador punk concrète poetry style cassette. Four tracks previously released in "Torsión" cd (Buh Records) and two more recorder for Radio Bronka. Vocal electroasphyxiation, lingual yawings and microsamples. Full color cover printed in cardboard and toxic tape. 70 copies."


7 Aug 11 - Cassette
Boar/Last Rape/Oblive/I Like You Go Home/White Gimp Mask C60 $5(US)/$8(World)
"Hugh C-60 collaboration from several harsh noise acts, including Boar and I Like You, Go Home from Dubuque Iowa, Oblive from St. Louis, Missouri, and also Last Rape and White Gimp Mask from Houston, Texas. Each side has a solid 30 minutes of heavy, harsh noise wall action. Limited to 50 copies. PayPal can be sent to sotsrecordings (AT) yahoo (DOT) com." TRY/BUY

6 Aug 11 - Vinyl, CD
WHITMAN - 'Dog Rose Gall' CD/LP
"Dog Rose Gall is the long overdue follow up record to 2008's White Sunrise. Consisting of songs written between 2007-2010, this dark and moody offering is Whitman's most ambitious release. Hauntingly dissonant strings provided by Ezra Buchla (viola) and Richard Seymour (cello) drive many of these tracks giving Whitman more room to explore stark, poetic, vocal stylings. The tracklist itself shifts from being part emotional turmoil and part romantic whimsy, with the sporatic percussion by Corey Marc Fogel complimenting Whitman's unique guitar playing in the most organic way. Produced by Ezra Buchla. CD VERSION: This is a real, glass mastered CD, not a CD-r and is a one time pressing of 500. Comes in a gatefold-chipboard jacket, hand letter pressed by Lee Noble with artwork done by Christopher Payne. LP VERSION: The LP is a pressing of 500 records (400 on black vinyl and 100 on clear). Comes in chipboard jacket, hand letter pressed by Lee Noble with artwork by Christopher Payne. Includes a screen printed insert, a postcard with additional artwork and a digital download card."

"After two releases of lo-fi home recordings, Brother Mitya has recorded some material of studio quality. On these two incredible singles, he works with a bunch of his friends to provide a wide variety of additional intrumentation, exploring the vast potential of his songs. Percussion, strings, horns, and a back up choir help make these recordings full and bursting with warmth. This record will leave you speechless. Limited pressings of 300 records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on random color). Comes in a professionally printed, glued 7" pocket with incredible artwork by Kristina Collantes. Includes a large insert with lyrics and a digital download card."


6 Aug 11 - Vinyl, Review
Shep and Me is the Outsider folk songs of Matthew Himes. His second album, ‘Nasturtium Inertia’ earns a well-deserved re-release from its cassette days with El Tule. Himes reads the Bishop brothers through Big Blood, or if that’s too on-the-nose, Neil Young through Odawas or Leo Kottke through Maquiladora. Not an outsider by design, Himes makes wholly earnest music of reasonable structure and good-enough production – this is no Jandek. But in this earnestness is all the cracks and quirks of a self-made man, alone with his guitar. Projected through this is a pastoral melancholy, akin to the ballads of Songs: Ohia, summed up in titles like “All Aboard”, “Passing Fancy”, and “Last Chance” – the last being the spooky instrumental deigned to begin the album. The lyrics suffer through a similar detachment and stoicism, yet with a number of derogations which, when delivered through Himes’ pinched nasal tone, sound downright psychedelic and signal a significant stylistic break. “Ode To 6.2L” is a paramount example: the folksy polyphony of banjo notes take on the character of bubbles from a pipe, as Himes’ address to his Chevrolet likens the truck to “a ride on a rainbow/it’s my makeshift melody/lah dah dah”. The likeness to Galway’s Cubs is uncanny, the closest capture to the Rusted Rail collective’s exhumed music boxes as I have yet to hear. Closing the side, “Joan” is a waltz broadcast direct from the Overlook ballroom, the massive space monopol-ized through primitive technology, the lyrics bleary beyond comprehension and sharp twists of accompaniment tearing slowly a gash in the tune with every note. Though our protagonist never goes away, there is a dark ether like exhaust which sets upon the B-side. As each song was recorded in a different venue – some 4 years apart from track to track, and few even in the same state of the union – this is surely an editorial decision, to cast this lot of four as the shadow of the schizoid gladness of the first. By all appearances, “All Aboard” is a gay farewell, half “Redemption Songs” and half Irish wake. Yet the track’s placement in the middle of the side, and before obtuse instrumental “Time and Away”, has the trampy tune and its whistled hooks seem a little demented, and untrustworthy as a conclusion. Suspicions confirmed, closing track “This Rate” feels like an entry into the Blackheart Procession’s “The Waiter” series, as Himes wails in falsetto over a meditative, looping chord progression and percussive strikes of rain and thunder; the effect is tremendous, as the song spins the record free of its axle and onto the endless black of a stormy sea. Limited to 300 copies in chipboard sleeves with screened outers and heavy inserts. Very recommended. (Dear Skull LP, $13 HERE)

5 Aug 11 - Cassette

CFE#32: Keijo - 'Along the Stream' C50
"Finnish legend Keijo Virtanen (the voice behind the Rambling Boys, The Free Players, etc.) returns to Cabin Floor with nearly an hour of fried blues. He rolls effortlessly from the sparse disjointed riffing and freakouts of '15 Days' into the solid locked coasting-blues groove of songs like 'With White Woman' and the almost Valentine-like dream of the instrumental title-track. Every song is developed and full. Beautiful howling harmonica wails, dancing clear guitars and the snapping drums keep things exactly where he wants them to be. Edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with two inserts, one featuring a photo from Keijo."

CFE#33: Bear Bones, Lay Low - 'Basement Surge' C46
"Between recording sessions and touring with the Silvester Anfang II crew, Belgium's Ernesto Gonzalez has let a slow and steady stream of releases seep out over the past few years as Bear Bones, Lay Low. The sound has constantly evolved - from the heavy guitar chugging on 'Djid Hums' to the synth heavy 'Smoked the Whole Thing'. 'Basement Surge' finds him somewhere between the two, laying down freedback-laden krauty guitar passages and droning each note into a hissing infinity only to drop into a disorienting backwards loop of strange synth tones and clattering drum-machine jangles. The tone is dark, filled with cryptic melodies and the sounds seem to spread eerily out of the speakers. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert."

CFE#34: Shep & Me - 'Spring Creeper' C34
"Minnesota's Matthew Himes, of the fantastic Lighten Up Sounds label, has carried Shep & Me through a revolving door of sounds, places, people and time. The sounds found here span five states, six other folks lending a hand, and seven years of recording, but you would never guess it with how well this flows as a whole. Like an old car radio, things crackle and split across the dial from crooked hayloft sing-alongs to smoky low-fidelity transistor radio drones. You never quite know what you're hearing in between - the hum of a midnight motor, a voice crooning from another room, or a dirty '45 spinning just a little too slow. A perfect blend of straight-forward songs and far-out mixups of sound. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert."

CFE#37: Serfs - 'Sha La La - La Later On' C36
"The UK's Jon Collin is in a ton of projects (The Whole Voyald, Vampire Blues, John Fante, etc.) and runs what is possibly one of my favorite labels ever: Winebox Press. His side of the 'Solo Guitar' boxset floored me and now here we are with a beautiful set from Serfs. 'Sha La La - La Later On' presents two distinct sides of the Serfs spectrum. The first, a glossy sparse web of clean ringing guitar reminiscent of Loren Connors. Emotional without ever becoming melodramatic. It closes out with a wonderful cover of Jerry Garcia's 'Love Scene' from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack. The flip side is the grittier side of things - pure burned-out live works. The guitar has more growl, the recording more hiss. This side closes with another cover, this time as a duo with Beach Fuzz's Tom Settle, ringing out a ten minute all-over-the-place version of Curtis Mayfield's 'People Get Ready'. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert."